Yoga with Tansy provides an ideal setting for those new to yoga, those looking to revisit the fundamentals and those who are ready to progress their practice. Classes focus on healthy alignment principles and emphasise the importance of a deep and relaxed breath from which yoga practice unfolds.

Tansy has practiced yoga for 20 years and completed her Teacher Training in 2016 with Byron Yoga Centre in Australia. Highly commited to continuing professional development, Tansy continues to attend specialised modules of training both nationally and internationally.

Some of the many benefits of yoga include: increased strength, stability, balance and flexibility, a greater ability to cope with stress and an improvement in balance, posture and breathing. For athletes it can help to correct asymmetrical alignment and strength caused by repetitive movements and enhance physical and mental performance. No experience or flexibility is required to practice yoga - yoga is for everyone.

Yoga With Tansy fundraises for the humanitarian crisis in Syria. "For no reason but chance are my babies safe while others are not."

Photo: Jeremy McKnight, the 2019 110cc World Motocross Champion, attended Yoga With Tansy classes to create balance and flexibility as part of his training regime in the lead up to the World Champs.

Praise for Yoga with Tansy:

"Loving it. Feel great, sleep better. Only wish I had time to come more often : ) Thank you Tansy".

"Best thing I have found in a long time. I really enjoy the classes. Excellent instructor".

"No other feedback other than to say that I absolutely love the classes my class is the highlight of my week and I always feel great afterwards and I cant believe how lucky we are to have such a wonderful space to do yoga and a wonderful teacher right here in Timaru!!"

"Doing the yoga class every week has changed my life. Not having back pain anymore is heaven. Thank you".

"Yoga has a welcoming atmosphere with Tansy being very knowledgeable, instructive, caring, and pleasant to deal with, in a serene environment".

"Love the class, like the way you give different options for all levels, also like how you focus on different areas of body- good to have variety of poses".

"Normally don't do yoga but love these classes ,lovely atmosphere & fantastic teacher"

"You have done an excellent job, we are extremely lucky to have yoga classes of this quality in Timaru. I look forward to yoga class each week and feel enormous benefit from your classes"