Online Classes

Following are free online yoga classes with Tansy. These are a way for you to keep up regular practice and to stay connected when Tansy is not around to teach. If you enjoy the class please do leave a comment on YouTube - it really helps us to gauge what works.

Yoga Brain Break for Kids who are Remote Learning

Quick and fun, this yoga class will probably suit kids 8 years and upwards. Kids can do it on their own while you get on with something else. Kids will get moving, stretch, balance and focus on mindful breathing.

Yoga for Lockdown

Use continuous movement to anchor your mind and reduce anxiety due to the current uncertain situation. Moving with your breath, work through reclined poses, lunge salutations, standing postures, tree pose and seated postures.

Energise Your Day With Yoga

Energise your day! This flow class is designed to create energy with dynamic movement. Standing poses such as Warrior 2 and modified Parsvakanasana are interspersed with core strengthening in Plank and Locust. Unwind tension in the upper back while you balance in Eagle. After this 20 minute class take your own Savasana. Feel energised and ready to take on the day. No props needed.

Wake Up With Yoga

This class is designed to help you ease into your morning. Starting with gentle warm ups and building into lunge salutations, expect mainly reclined poses while you feel your way into the day, with a little hamstring and back body strengthening. Be in control of your morning and therefore in control of your day. No props needed.

Yoga for Tennis Players 1

This video is designed to help tennis players increase flexibility and strength to enhance their performance while staying injury free. Focusing on internal rotation of the shoulder, balanced strength through the core and flexibility in the hamstrings and hips, move through dynamic movements with targeted static holds. No props required except your tennis racket (although if you have a yoga strap you might prefer to use it).

Yoga for Tennis Players 2

This is a yoga class designed to help tennis players avoid injury and maintain resilience in their muscles. Stretch shoulders, hamstrings, hips, adductors, groins, forearms and wrists. Work out asymmetries caused through your sport and stay supple and strong. No props needed.